On Saturday I ran up the ski slope two times (not the big one, the backside) I was surprised that I could run so easily, I for sure need more cardio but my legs were surprisingly strong. Will also commented on the strength of his legs and this is a fact: SQUATS!!!!

I try to educate myself about training techniques all the time, I spend a lot of time on different websites and You Tube videos. Overall I think I am getting better at finding out how to train for my body type and for the goals I have.

I am not always happy, I have no patience  (no wonder,  I am French ! ) but I don´t let this discourage me because if I do,  I will never see results, positive or negative.

Lately I think I gained volume and I am not sure I like it, I know there are different phases in training and it is not so easy to find the right balance. I need to try myself through the process until I find the way to build muscles and get rid of fat without extreme dieting. I am not competing and I don´t want to get ripped either but some definition would be nice. I am still looking for the right balance,  not sure I have found it yet.

I definitely have to introduce more cardio because when I ran the slope it is what failed me the second time up, you can´t train martial arts if you almost die after two punches either!

So 4 times a week at the gym to built some strength and muscles, one JKD group session + own training on my punching bag at home, then running (I will also run a 10K race in September in Stockholm).

Hopefully I have built my shoulders enough to avoid new JKD injuries so I can get back on track when it comes to training. I have a tough schedule but I feel good when I train, better than go home after work and stay in the couch like a potato  ( and become one ! )

Walk on !