Back is not back !

No really when will  this problem with my back be solved? whatever treatment I tried these days  it made it worse , now I stopped it all and go back to the gym to start all over again. Next step is a personal trainer who I hope will give me good advice on how to train my back , back in shape and back in normal functionality !

Some say I am too old for this sh…. I say I am too young for this Crap! Enough with the problems and on with the training for God sake! It  has been going on for a while now, it seems anytime I feel I am back something goes wrong and I am down again.

It feels  like I don´t get to reach my goals , you know what one of the principles of JKD is?  first to not let anyone take you down and if you end up down anyway ,get the hell back up ! so no I won´t let this destroy me! everything I tried did not work? well I am gonna try something else but I won´t give up training my friend !