Getting There …!?

We worked on the bag and then on mitts, shadow boxing and finished with wrestling.

Mikael noticed I lack speed in my recovery and my hook also needs some work. We worked on this for a while but I have to do the work at home by myself during the week.

Wrestling is difficult, we are talking about 51kgs vs 110 kgs even if I fight like a mad mosquito I go down eventually and that´s it! There is no way I can get out of there without using some nasty stuff, but we play nice so I tried everything else…. No did not work! J

Good to work on this though, it makes me manage the stress and think about openings and solutions.

We hope for an outdoor training in the weekend, we have lots of snow so we will see if the slope is reachable.

I so look forward to the spring… there is nothing like training outside in the sun I really miss this.