That was only me yesterday. Training at home with “Flying  Micke”  ( see explanation at the end of the post :-))

After two weeks break because of illness, the start was not without pain..

Paper Drill:

Excellent training device , very simple  and valuable exercise, one of  Bruce ´s favourites. I like it too, a lot of time speed training  is required to get faster. This is one of my goals this year, get faster, much faster..

Focus Mitts:

Speed drills, trying to punch the mitt while Micke takes it away just before impact, I have big trouble with this one!

Same drill with hook kick …

Kicking pad:

Side kicks and work on the control of the kick when the partner backs up.


Weights added on the legs and arms:

Hook kicks on mitt , 20 on each side . Heavy drill ! If I thought I felt like an elefant before this was nothing compared to that.

To keep the on guard position with weight on the arms  feels good , because I feel the position of the arms even better .


Heavy bag ( weights still on ):

3 minutes round

1 minute all techniques adding  knees kicks and elbow punches

1 minute full power with all techniques adding  high kicks

Yes this one with weights is  very heavy, takes lots of energy and the good thing about is is when the weights are off, I felt so light and fast !! Good to feel the difference…

Isometric training:

Press the arms up trying to lift the partner

Press against the wall with the arms using the whole body

Press the stomach up in sit-up position while the partner press down

Press the legs up lying on the back , trying to lift the whole 103 kgs body weight of Micke … !

That was it for the day ….

I added some stretching in the evening.

 Add on : “This is How we do it !”

While showing  me how to keep full control of the side kick , position and balance when the partner backs up , Micke went flying right down on the floor, I thought the floor had cracked ! Bad idea to wear socks for training! Too bad the camera was not on 🙂