Rest ?

I am always concerned about not being able to train, I have the flu right now and yesterday I was thinking I would get better , and good enough  to train today .. but no. This is not a big catastrophy but I think about it all the time,  I feel restless , unfocused  and guilty.

But the key is not to overdo it, train everyday can be too much. It is not the first time I get sick and extremely tired after I have had such intense workouts on a regular basis.

I am not a weight focused woman, the point for me is absolutely not to loose weight, if any I have to get some. I eat 6 to 7 times a day, I add supplements such as vitamins omega 3 and CLA, and always recovery drinks after the training…. I am very aware of what is a good nutrition and what is needed to be able to train like I do,  so I don´t think the problem comes from there.

I train because I want to be a better JKD fighter. My problem as always,  is when I get this kind of rush in my motivation,  I burn it quickly because I do too much and my body is always reacting the same way: I get sick and I am almost never sick,  it is only a pattern that I have to take seriously now, this is always and only happening after an intense period of daily training.

But this is very easy to cross the line,  so what is enough and what is too much ?