“Don´t think ! FEEL …”

While yesterday was almost only about stretching , push ups and sit ups,

Today started with weight lifting  then stretching and side kick.

I really have to work on my side kick,  so I repeated it as many times as possible trying to feel it right , or better .

After the  training I came to think about when I started with JKD,  I was always thinking too much and looking at myself in the mirror, by that I lost focus, I can´t get of my mind Bruce Lee saying ” Don´t Think! FEEL .. ”

This is also what Micke repeated  several times ” you think too much , just do it !” and now after a couple of years I really understand what they mean… Just do it , again and again until you feel something happening ! …

Now I do my thinking outside the training. 🙂

After each session with Micke I gather all comments I have received and  I practise until I feel a difference.

I don´t mean  that  it looks absolutely perfect then, and that it is all it takes, of course not, but I get it better.

Feeling it is a whole different thing and I am happy to have come to that level.