The other Bruce !

There are few famous people I admire aside from Bruce Lee, actually it is pretty simple there are 2, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

I never had the chance to see Michael in concert and I deeply regret that because it will never happen but I have the chance to see Bruce Springsteen and this is why I never missed a concert in Sweden since 2006.

Just like Bruce Lee´s movies, I listened to Michael and Springsteen´s music more or less since I was born, these people are lasting forever,  this is one of the reasons why I admire them.

From what I counted, Bruce Springsteen wrote 202 songs that were recorded and numbers of songs that did not make it on albums, a career that started in 1962 and is still going on. In 2013 at 63, the man fills a Stockholm stadium with more than 55000 people two nights in a row, how many can do that after so many years?

I went to both concerts with Mikael who has seen more concerts than me ( !!! ),   I hope we can make it to the third one on saturday !