Angry Birds…

07 May

Wow there are a lot of angry people out there, angry with life, angry with people, angry with everything… I used to be one of them and what did that bring me? More negativity and the hole I was digging was getting deeper, so one day I decided to try to be happy, I chose to take what I had and make the best of it , life Is easier that way. There are battles that are not meant to taken, especially inner ones. Everyone has his own load of inside demons and some of us have been through hell, I am one of them but I could find the light and take myself out of self destruction. I moved away from a family drama, I live better now, moving to Sweden was probably the best thing I have ever done, the travel was not easy but it´s been 12 years and I learnt a lot to become a better person. JKD and all that it brought me on a personal level has a lot to do with my better balanced state of mind.

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