Jun Fan Jeet Kune DO training information

My blog is about my training and my personal life experience linked to Jeet Kune Do,  I am not an instructor and I am not responsible for the Jeet Kune do training in Sweden.

I have received questions on MSN that I just discovered, some of them are one year old, unfortunately I did not see them and I could not send them to the instructor.

For quicker answer please contact the instructor directly :


thank you 🙂

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“Birth of the dragon” is a fraude ?

Wow, the reviews are out and  I am really disappointed ! Here are some of them that I read in the papers today:

“Hollywood is racist. This movie disrespects the legacy of Bruce Lee. I highly recommend everyone to boycott this movie. The movie serves to perpetuate negative stereotypes regarding Asian women, men, and the culture.”

“This entire film is a carefully hidden propaganda piece that portrays Lee as some unsexual, angry, kung fu loser who accomplishes nothing.”

“I wanted to watch a movie about the legend Bruce lee. Not another white washed movie deleting/altering/hiding his history and Again disrespecting Asians with another white male Asian female interest. Truth is movies spread lies and it hurts societies. In this case. Asian men.”

and it goes on and on…


Knowing that Shannon a a total control over Bruce Lee´s name, how could  this movie be approved is a mistery to me…

Of course this is just another guy trying to make money on Bruce Lee´s name , no question about that.

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Why is Bruce Lee still alive?


Talking about his spirit of course 🙂

I recently talked to a young colleague from Switzerland, she is 29 years old and when I asked: “do you know who Bruce Lee is?” she said “of course”. She was born in 1987, 14 years after Bruce´s passing and has absolutely no relation to martial arts whatsoever, so where does it come from? The name, everybody knows that name, isn´t that incredible?

I was born in 1972 and as long as I can remember I was hearing about Bruce Lee. As a child I saw the movies again and again and as a teenager I had my room covered with Bruce Lee posters. He was the ultimate fighter,  the superhero of my childhood and still is.

No matter what, I will always admire the man, the actor and the martial artist. It is no wonder we still know him, we still talk about him, refer to him and make movies about him, this is what a true legend is all about.

His passing was a tragedy and I really don´t care about the how and the why, what I think is that it was way too soon, it would have been so interesting to see how far he would have gone, what he would have become, this is a shame we did not get more time, I think we could have learned a lot more from him.

But we need to remember what he left us and this needs to be treasured. How the legacy is used by some people can be questionable but I really think it is great to see that he is still remembered and not only by martial arts people.

Walk On !


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World of Bruce Lee Exhibit 2016, San Francisco

The “World of Bruce Lee” Exhibit 2016  will take place on Saturday, November 26th, 2016

location :

Fort Mason Center
94123 San Francisco

The World of Bruce Lee 2016 & The Green Hornet 50th Anniversary is a Photo Exhibition ( non profit event), organized by Randy Wong

For more info , here is the Article taken from the World of Bruce Lee Facebook page :

“On the crest of his meteoric rise to world fame, Bruce Lee died mysteriously on July 20, 1973, at the age of 32, having only completed 4 films, with his 5th and final film, “Game of Death” half-finished before his untimely passing. The “World of Bruce Lee” Exhibition represents the collection of Randy Wong, and is a photographic tribute to the legendary icon.

In 1978, Randy Wong joined Norman Borine in launching the “World of Bruce Lee” museum in Los Angeles, CA, in the hopes of creating a permanent memorial to the legendary martial artist and movie star, to preserve his memory and legacy for future generations.

Borine and Wong operated the original “World of Bruce Lee” museum from 1978-1980, garnering the support of Grace Lee, Bruce Lee’s mother, Linda Lee, Bruce’s widow, and several of Lee’s closest friends and core students, Dan Inosanto, Taky Kimura, Ted Wong and Herb Jackson. During this period, Borine and Wong collaborated with Grace Lee on her family’s pictorial biography entitled “Bruce Lee, The Untold Story” (1979).

Wong contributed to the making of the A&E biography “Bruce Lee, The Immortal Dragon” (1994), and with his business partner, J.R. Goodman, both were privileged to work with Van Williams and Wende Wagner of the classic 1966 TV series, “The Green Hornet”, in which Bruce Lee portrayed Kato, the Green Hornet’s lethal crime-fighting partner.

Randy Wong also had the honor of working with Ahna Capri and Jim Kelly, both of whom co-starred with Bruce Lee in his timeless martial arts masterpiece, “Enter the Dragon”.”

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Joel Ramos, TWJKD Philippines

Today I just want to pay my respects to a member of the Ted Wong JKD family who passed away last week. Joel Ramos was 46 years old and his pasing due to heart failure was a choc for most of us. Joel was more in contact with Mikael than me but we have been friends on facebook for  quite some time .

I am sending my condolences to the family and friends.

He has now joined our Sifu Ted in  heaven , Rest in Peace 😦


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Other fighting methods

This is a martial art blog alright but I want to talk about another type of fighter, someone who fought till the end, I mean the fighting spirit,  the force of the mind , I mean my mother.

I just lost her, she fought till the end with her mind as her body just let her down. She had numerous illnesses,  cancer, MS, extreme asthma and some other stuff. She fought so well for one year that people who did not know would have never guessed she was sick and apart from the obvious MS symptoms, she showed nothing else,  this is why her passing was a big surprise for most people. Apart from the closest family she did not want anyone to know she was sick, she did not want anybody feel sorry for her.

I want to talk about the incredible state of mind she had towards the illnesses, most people would have given up including me and If I call myself a fighter, well I am far from being as strong as her.  I am convinced her mind  controlled her body and even if she lost the fight at the end, she gave the cancer a serious kick in the B! They gave her 6 months and she got one year, I am sure this has to do with her state of mind, she never let the illnesses take her down and change her spirit and love for life .

I am weak right now because I lost her, because I did not get enough time with her and because I feel guilty to live in another country far from my family and because I  am not there for them. Right now I am down, I am not afraid to say it and it would be so easy to tell myself it is no use to fight because at the end you lose anyways, but if my mother had let herself down she would have lived 6 months and not 12, I am sure of that.

The new goal of my life is to become as  strong as her for the day I have to face a terminal illness or some other nasty stuff.

If you ask me  who is my hero, I would say my mom.

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Finally !

Glad to see that my blog is finally visible on google ! it only took 6 months!

The other one is now deleted, this one is more secure.

Another good news is that the spring is here and after a very intense beginning of the year it feels that we don´t only think it will be good with training sessions outside,  it is a must !

For family reasons , I am travelling home often this year ,  Mikael stays at home during this time . I have a big family and my brothers are Bruce Lee big fans like all men and women in my family,  this is probably why many of us train martial arts:-)

A member of my family will be visiting soon and we are planning sessions which will feel very good!

Tough beginning of the year but we won´t let this get us down and soon we can start breathing again!


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