What have I learned?

When I started training JKD 6 years ago, I must say I was pretty ignorant. Having no training background at all, I was basically starting from nothing.

A lot of things happenned to me during those five years. I have evolved to be a better person, at least this is the feeling I have today. I got rid of a great deal of negativity, I have learned to like myself, I found some of my problems and learned to deal with them and use them to get stronger. This is both physically and mentally that I now am almost in peace with everything. I have learned to feel, to put aside the dark side and to try to go on from there.

A lot of times I tried to blame the failures of my life on other people but really, the decisions that we make, the way that we feel about ourselves is not to blame on others. Don´t you like the way you feel, do something about it, no one can help you but yourself. It takes a great deal of courage to take some decisions but at the end really, you should be happy, not for other people but for yourself.

This is all about personal development, personal experience and how the training has changed my life. It made me stonger and more intelligent. I have learned how to fight, how not to be afraid, how to control my emotions, how to defend myself. Having goals and doing what it takes to meet them, seing and feeling the difference and getting some confidence.  I have also met such amazing people, everyone of them have had some impact on me on different levels and they all made me learn something , about training, about life, about myself.

Because of the story behind it, I strongly believe that I would not have achieved this if I had not started with JKD. My journey has been rich in events and either than being something that I do, it is a life style. I call myself a fighter, no matter how many obstacles, I fight until there is nothing left to fight for. But if you believe in what you are fighting for, you will also know when it is time to stop and winning or losing at that stage won´t matter. I may have given up on other things because I realised the choice was not mine anyway,  those are the most painful but I am learning how to let go of things I don´t have any control upon and someday, I am sure I will find my path.