Words from Stefan

As I explained in an earlier post I started training JKD in 2004 at Stefan´s School in Stockholm. Stefan Nikander is the Head instructor for Ted wong JKD in Scandinavia, one of only four people certified by Ted Wong  JKd in Europe. After he read my blog I asked him if he would like to write something and here is what he sent to me:

Stefan Nikander on the Internet and on a blog, that is a controversy. I am a person who is so far away from the Intenet & the Mobile world as you can imagine. I haven’t even sent an SMS yet. I don’t know if this has to do with me growing up before the Computer age. Being 42 years old I spend my childhood playing football, Icehockey and any sport I could find. when I was not doing sport I was busy climbing tress. rocks and anything you could find.
Today I would probably have one of those “letter combination” like ADHD or something. But actually I did very well in school, I have never bullied anyone, never ventured into criminality, drugs etc. I am actually really proud of the fact that I have never done drugs, not even coffee, obviously I have never smoked, never took any steroids even though I have lifted weights since I was 13 years old and consider myself a dedicated weight trainer.
My passion for martial arts started at early age with the Karate Kid movies and here I am today, father of three wonderful children, happily married with my girlfriend from 20 years back, Head instructor for Ted Wong JKD in Scandinavia, One of only four people certified by Ted Wong in JKd in europe.
JKD is all about self knowledge and when I ask myself who really is Stefan Nikander I can only come to the conclusion that he is a very fortunate person  since he has a wonderful family, good friends and if immortality truly lies in first living a life worth remembering I would have no regrets if  my Braintumour would decide another destiny for me than I have and My journey towards perfection would continue somewhere else than on this beautiful planet we call Earth.
Thank you Stefan for your participation in my Blog.

Sadly I have to add that Stefan Nikander passed away on Oct. 5th 2011. He will be  greatly missed , Rest in Peace Stefan.