Summer training schedule

10 Jun

I just got a new training schedule from Micke.

He says I need to increase the level now and the main focus it to get stronger. I need to get some strenght in my legs and arms, apparently the technique is better now and  I need to stand longer and stronger in the fights.

– Footwork and shadow boxing everyday as usual,

– More intense exercises with the JKD pole and  the Heavy bag.

– Heavier Weight lifting, more stomach exercises and special attention to leg press and squats.

– Runing and  biking a couple of times a week as usual but with more intensity.

– Stretching everyday is also a must, this is my biggest weakness I just cannot understand why my body does not get more flexible, but I don´t say that too loud because the answer I get is   ” It is because you don´t stretch hard enough !!! ”  that must be true, even if it hurts like hell it is not enough , but I try anyway  and this will have to pay off someday  ..

– Plus the sunday training as usual where the main focus right now is on the technique.

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