From the day we were  informed about Ted´s passing , some of us were quiet for a while and then started sharing loving memories.

Today is one week after this day, I have hardly trained anything at all during this week, I feel bad about it but I just could not, I have felt extremely tired , but the energy will have to come back now because there is a time for everything.

I told it before , my life is evolving around JKD,  I feel I have a purpose or a destiny, something that makes me be where I am today and I feel it inside. Time for me to put on my gloves and show myself what I got. It is funny how things in life just change, how people change. Before JKD I always needed some kind of acknowledgement, not anymore and it is not only about the martial art,  it is about me as a person. I feel now I have to do things for myself  because it feels right and if anything feels wrong I won´t do it, I don´t feel I have to please anyone against my own beliefs, which I did before.

Anyway life goes on and my goal now is to impress myself, I have quite high expectations which is good and make me see I have a huge amount of work in front of me, but this is all good because I have a plan…