Working hard

yesterday I worked on my technique

I isolated all punches and kicks and worked them separately.

Starting with straight lead. I am pleased to see that I can feel what I do wrong and while I am correcting one problem I notice another one , ah… but  this is good in a way because when I identify them all I will be able to work on it in a better way then put it all together and deliver a good straight lead or any other punch.

The learning never ends and reaching the level where you can self correct and rectify is a great step , I am happy I reached this now.

I worked a while on the hook kick but I always feel good about this one so I moved on to the side kick, thinking about the video from Ted and working after what he says and shows there.

There are a lot of ways to learn, practise listen read and watch and  Ted made some videos that are to be used.

I also study Micke when he practises and sparrs, I actually know what I have to look at and I use that in my own training.

Ted said about Micke, ” if you want to learn how to kick , look at that guy ! ”

Yeah,  look at that guy! no matter what some people may think, that guy knows what he is doing and my loyalty to him will never end.