San Francisco 2011

I cannot tell you how happy I am to go back to San Francisco. I honestly have thought about this town everyday since I was there last year.

Micke and I  have been invited by Jeff Chinn to visit the Bruce Lee room and he also said he will take us around town to visit some of Bruce´s places. We met Jeff at Bruce ´s birthday last year, we first took the tour in China Town, we noticed there how much he knows and this was very interesting to see all those places.

We met amazing people last year, I already told this, but I was a bit sad we did not have more time to speak to Allen. I will always remember when he asked us about the fortune teller, I was so happy to be there I will never forget that evening. I so hope we can meet Allen this year.

We brought back home lots of incredible memories from that trip and we are now living in the wait of building some new ones, I really can´t wait ! there is definetely something special with this town.

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