Going Slow

Yesterday´s session was with Will and David.

We worked on techniques and applications mostly.

Punches and kicks on mitts and feeding. Feeding is good training for the awareness, adaptation and speed in reaction.

Reaction in attacks: one is initiating an attack the other one has to hit first. This is definetely a really good one, it shows how speed is a crutial element in the art of JKD, if you are not able to recognise the signs and adapt first you ´re dead!

Surprise attacks from behind: when grapped from behind, try to get out. Difficult one but not impossible , depending on the situtaion first of all be aware of the surroundings not to end up with a creep grabbing you from behind and when it is not evitable there are things you can do to get out of there, like groin hitting or grabbing or anything you can grabb or hit,  in that situation everything is allowed.

Fights on the floor : use whatever you can to get up again. This is the tricky one for me. All 90+ kgs of Micke sitting on me, this is almost impossible for me to get out. I tried this self defense thing that we learn in self defense class: put your legs around the attacker´s waist and press all you can, this should make it difficult for him to breathe. Well do that on girls during class yes sure ! but do that on a big guy, yeah right ! does not work, he was laughing at me asking “what the hell are you trying to do” ???

I like  to work on those things, we kept it simple working on only few techniques and focus on the application side.

I could use my arm to a certain point, I did not use the full power anyway , I think it is good that I could punch , I still cannot hold the pads and I still take it easy on sparring. 

This is taking a pretty long training time away from me  …