What´s the point ?

Being a woman and training JKD in Sweden is a challenge. First of all, no one understands why I do that. Not my problem, I do it because it makes me happy and it brings all kind of positive things to my life and to my health, mental and physical, I do not need to explain this to anyone.

The other aspect is being the only woman, is that a problem for me? No Sir! It is an advantage and I will tell you why.

When I started in 2004, I was put in the girls group and I did not like it because it had nothing to do with JKD.  But soon they moved me to the JKD guys group. This was better although not good enough as most of the guys did not want or dare train with me. That was one of the reasons why I left and started with Mikael instead.

What is good about our group now is that no one treats me like a girl, I train with anyone and they are professional enough to adapt but still they don´t hold back too much.

I like training with guys and especially Mikael because he is twice my size and weight and it is so hard for me,  it makes me train harder and be used to the level of difficulty, this is how I progress.

My goal training JKD is simple and personal,  I do that for me and no one else. I don´t need to prove anything, I don´t need a belt or a piece of paper telling me how “good” I am. The proof is in fighting , the proof is in me.

I don´t want to participate in any war, a lot has happened lately, groups within groups, alliances, strange attitudes, discords… I have no time for these childish guy attitudes fighting about who has got the biggest ego…  Again, this is their problem not mine. I ´d rather spend my time training and even if nobody would ever notice me, I will always feel good about myself because I know where I come from and what I have achieved.

I will always say what I think and some people won´t like it  but I don´t need anyone liking everything I do, I don´t need sucking up to anyone to be noticed either, to me training is a personal thing not a race towards fame and recognition.

So what´s the point?

The point is what JKD brings me, the person I have become and the people I have met along the way.