Yesterday was surely the toughest shadow boxing session I have even done, Mikael made sure I worked until my arms dropped!

It was very intense for the body and for the mind as well,  I was not allowed to give up even when my arms gave up!

I really liked the mind game of the session. First I worked  in front of the mirror with intensity and speed, then in front of Mikael with movement and no touch, then light touch.

I worked on technique on the heavy bag after that.

This session was hard but it felt good, I felt relaxed. I thought about it afterwards and it is so amazing how the footwork comes naturally with the technique, even if I still have some work to do on the flow.

At some point Mikael said  not to use it, I felt so strange and unnatural which is a good sign. When I train alone I do it right and then wrong to feel the difference.

 Mikael decided to add shadow boxing to the end of each sessions from now on,  that will for sure finish me off!