Kids Training

Kee NG is Mikael´s  tea supplier she imports the finest tea from China, she asked for basic training for her son and she also organized a training place and a few other students, 6 kids totally , one girl and 5 boys around 10 years of age.

 We only went through the basic warm up and a little kick and punch training on pads as well as some footwork and statical training.

We had a talking time after that, I asked who knew who Bruce Lee was and one answer was “ is he the one in kung Fu Panda ? “ that was funny but also interesting, these kids are 10 years old and never heard about Bruce Lee before, the fact that they immediately associate him with martial Arts , in this case Kung Fu is pretty amazing to me. Jeremy was the one with most knowledge , he said “he was an actor who made a lot of cool fight movies” but again, he learned about Bruce Lee in a video game , also pretty amazing, it seems to me no matter what you do, how old you are, Bruce Lee is coming up almost everywhere, pretty cool.

 We were also asked to talk about respect and discipline and how should or should not martial arts be used.

I will explore this in another post

Thank you Kee for arranging this and thank you all the kids for being there.

See you next time!