End of the tunnel

I am back !  the shoulder is much better. Never give up the hope that it will get better! Most of the time it is a mind game and even if I had dark times it was never a question whether I would always train JKD.

I have trained JKD since 2004 probably the only girl in sweden that has lasted so long and I am proud of it. Question is why? Well because of what it brings to my life and because of how it makes me feel, I don´t need recocgnition, I don´t get any anyway either than from my own instructor and this is all I need.

Our group has fought to get there and we are here to stay. How I plan to write my blog will maybe change a little from now on but me and Mikael are serious about our training and even if less information is going to come out, the training  is getting intensified. We feel it is not essential to share too much anymore, too bad but we have our reasons. nevertheless our JKD training is and remains! in Honour to our Sifu Ted.