Quality over Quantity

How important is it to know what you are doing?  often come injuries because of lack of knowledge.

I like how people say we get stupider with age, I really don´t agree with this, we don´t get stupider we get lazier. The fact that it is easier to take the phone and search for any answer instead of trying to think with our brains, the lack of training makes us  not stupid but not challenged,  not trained.  As a result we are not able to answer any question , all basic knowledge we had before is gone. I am really bothered with this because this is exactly what I do, I feel it takes to much energy to try and find the answer myself but if I was doing it all the time, it would not be so hard to keep my brain alive!

Well it is the same with the body,  there is no age to start or keep on training and unless serious illness, the body does not become too old,  it becomes too untrained.  What about injuries then?  Still same problem , lack of training leads to injuries but there is a difference between quantity and quality. Unlike the two first times I injured my shoulder in a fight, the last one was pure lack of quality training, punching a hundred times wrong has messed up my shoulder to the point I am not sure it will ever get back to normal. So instead of having done it a hundred times wrong,  I could have done it 10 times right and I would not be in this situation.

I am trying to educate myself,  I seak information sources almost anywhere and with time and experience I am able to part what is good information from what is bad. It is so important to know what you are doing before you do it, the benefit will be so worth it.