I have put my JKD training on hold because of the last injury but it does not mean I will ever stop, what I am doing now is making myself stronger to avoid this really tough situation I have been living in for months now.

I have now started with morning trainings with a personal trainer, first to get advice on what I do wrong and then on how I can build muscle  and avoid injuries and stuff.

This morning was the first session it felt very good. I will use the information I got and train by myself twice a week and my PT says it should build some serious grounds just were I need them so I am more than happy and look forward to meet her again next week.

This saturday I booked myself to a yoga class just because of my unhability to relax, I need to see if this could help . Then maybe I will also have to add a swimming time during the weekend, I actually used to compete as a young girl, that made my think that it could also be a good thing for my back. So right now the weekly  plan is:  3-4 times at the gym, one morning session a week with my PT, one swimming session and maybe one yoga session if I like it ( can´t garanty that yet ). After some time I should be both stronger and maybe bigger which means I am going to come back strong and kick som serious A…. 🙂