My story

I was born n in France , I have heard  about Bruce Lee and seen his  films for as long as I can remember. Everyone I knew was a big Bruce Lee fan and still is. At a very early age I was fascinated by the artist dreaming about being able to do that too 🙂
But I am not coming from a very rich family, and I did not have the possibility to train anything at all.
In 2002, I moved from France to Sweden In 2004, as  I was surfing on the internet looking for self- defense class,  A popup came up on the right side of the screen, I thought I saw “Jeet Kune do” and before I had the time to click on it it disappeared. Really I could not believe it, did I see right?  Never seen this in France before !  I sat there and waited until this popup came back and then YES that was it ! An add for Jun Fan JKD classes downtown Stockholm. I called right away and started training  the same week.
Right away I started to notice a change, both physically and mentaly, feeling much better about myself, finding some inner peace and a way to get all the negative energy out, in a good way.
Training JKD  is for me such an acomplishement, it brought me so many things. My family at home cannot believe it and  they still ask me if it is true that I met Ted Wong, the private student of  Bruce Lee.
From where I come from,  it is an incredible thing to achieve, and I think so too.
In 2005, I attended my first Ted Wong  seminar , this is also when I met my trainer .
I had an injury which made me stop training at the school a couple of months before and I felt I needed more intense training .
I started to train privately with Micke in June 2005, he got me to open my mind and get to another physical and mental level.
We have been training since then  and soon we were pleased to welcome Coshe and Michel as training partners, Remy joined us a bit later on. At first we trained  in Stockholm on sundays, ouside the regular trainings. But unfortunately they closed  the school and we started to train outside  nearby our homes in Sollentuna.
We are such a good and dedicated group, everybody gets along and the hard training is always a joy for all of us.
We all have a great respect for our trainer who makes the training intense and enjoyable, our motivation is always at the top.
On a personal point of view, today 2010 I can say I have never felt better about myself, the training is such a great part of my life,
I would say is number one without hesitation.