Todays training at my place , participants Remy Gina Micke.

Start with stretching…a bit of trouble there for both Remy and I :-). One of my problems, my body is not flexible at all, I blame it on the fact that I really started training very late, no excuse though … working on it anyway

Drills on thai pads:

– shovel hook, corkscrew hook , full power and speed.. those are more difficult technically speaking, great exercise as well for the bare hands , Remy is bleading..

– Knees and elbows  both sides full speed and power ..  those pads are as hard as steel ! but after a while we don´t feel anymore..


Drills on  Kick pad:

– Hook kick full power both sides full speed .. kicks always take a lot of energy , great !

– Rounds 3 minutes full speed and power punches on pad

– Alternate with push ups and sit ups

Drills with the JKD pole… Ted Wong showed this to Micke, very good one but difficult, I do 15 on each side, Remy did 30 , well done ! … don´t tell us how many Ted does 🙂

drills with the wristroller .. this is a real arm killer  3 times up and down and I am done !

Stretching… Remy and I : need to work on that !!! 🙂