Training Overwiew

Apart from Sundays which are dedicated to group training, I have one session a the gym on wednesdays, the rest of the week is mostly own training , I add some variations everyday.

Mondays : I have to say I do not train consequently every monday because most of the time my body is all broken by the sunday session. Some mondays I can´t walk or straighten my arms, first question of the day on mondays:” how is is going with the muscle pain, it hurts ? GOOD !!”  …  But I try to  do some pushups and situps anyway as well as stretching… when I can move at all … So we can leave the Mondays aside.

I don´t have a settled training plan. Thuesday Thursday and Friday are the remaining days for my own training which looks approximately like this:

Stretching, situps, pushups, fotwork, heavy bag, JKD pole, wristroller, shadow boxing, weight lifting, …stretching!

When the swedish weather allows it  some days look a bit different, and biking and running are added especially on saturdays.

There have been some times where I trained less, Sometimes I need to settle down a little bit  and then come back stronger. but at the peak of my condition I hold this schedule quite well.

Looking forward to a better weather now, when the snow disappear we will be able to train outside again… good times to come!