2010 Goals

Well, that is easy , be better


Because of my size and weight I need to be faster, I need to have more power in the kicks and punches.


This is of course the key for everything, good fotwork and TIMING !

In my dreams I would like to be able to stand in a 3 minutes fight with Micke and get out of there alive ! OK NOT HAPPENING ! Would he give 100%,  I would be dead after 5 seconds . I saw myself almost knocked out after less than this,  with only a “touch” as he says! … No but realistically,  I need to be able to defend myself and get out of a fight against strong men like him and I want to work on this.

Have more STABILITY and FLUIDITY in the fights  and see Michel or Remy fly away from one of my side kicks !

And wish ( or demand )  from the trainer for both Remy and I :

DO the SPLIT before the summer !

And yes one more personal thing :


Running up the stairs….  time to beat : Michel´s time 🙂