Our team, Short Presentation

Remy, Michel, Coshe and I,  first met at Stefan Nikander´s school in Stockholm in 2004. Stefan is the  JKD  Head Instructor in Scandinavia, he is certified by Ted Wong. Because of his illness, Stefan closed the school in Stockholm and  openned another one  in Nynäshamn where he lives. In 2005 I started to train privately with Micke and the guys joined us.

Let´s start with Coshe who just left us to move to the US for a while, Okan-Coskun  Akdag is currently living in Los Angeles were he is studying the film Industry. Coshe is always in a good mood, always trying flashy moves and training hard until he pukes ! no puking no fun !


Michel our team mate who is well known for always being  on time 🙂 Michel  Curpurdija has joined us at the same time as Coshe. Michel is the crazy one, like it tough and  joins Coshe in the puking team!


Remy Ng  joined us a bit later , never missed a training session since then ! Remy is very dedicated gives it 100%,  always in a good mood and ready to go! Remy has trained martial arts for around 12 years.


Micke or the Iron Man, trying to hit him is like … well.. it hurts you more than anything else !  On a more serious level , Mikael Egidéus is a very talented JKD instructor, He is certified by Stefan.  Mikael has been training martial arts for over 25 years, he trained  Shaolin Kung Fu for around 10 years and then JKD with  Stefan Nikander for several years before he started as  a JKD instructor having his own school in Uppsala. In 2005 after the Ted Wong Seminar,  he started with another team in stockholm,  first member: me.


I just would like to add that I am proud to be part of this team. My training partners are good friends and I really look forward to many more years of  hard training together. As for myself , I am a small girl trying to keep up with all the big guys:-) As I wrote in another post,  I have been training martial Arts ( JKD only)  since 2004.