Training of the day, session at my place with Micke:

Speed reaction on pads, punches and kicks, found this quite difficult… I am too slow ..

Blocking drills with simultaneous attack.. this one goes  a bit better

Try to hit Micke with hook kick… well ….

Reaction on attack situations, self defense  drills , few exercices with arm grabbing, strangulation and usual attacks with bare hands.. Grappling, result of this is quite obvious, speed in the reaction is needed not to end up there at all .. because of my size there is no way I can pull myself out of Mickes body weight ( 103 kgs !!! )  if I get down it is too late, I can try to bite and reach some sensitives parts but either that , there is not much I can do.

stretching,  balance drills,  situps and to finish me, punches and heavy ball throwing in the stomach,   for the abdominal muscles to get stronger, because they are TOO WEAK !! says Micke..

the rest of the week is for me to work on my strengh and speed .. and stretch and.. and everything else.. 🙂