Thoughts about motivation

When I started training JKD I had a tendency to want to be good already at the beginning, I was impatient and immature .

Together with JKD I had to learn to behave mentaly. This was another hard part but a part of the training is the  control of the behaviour and attidude . I have to say that this took quite a while .  This was leading to decreasing motivation for me. ” I can´t do anything, I am worthless”.. or even ” I don´t want to train anymore I don´t deserve it” … bla bla bla …

“well stop complaining and do something about it” ! .. this is what I have heard numerous times. The right attidude was needed for me to be better, to want to be better and accept that a lot of training  and time will be needed to get somewhere . If you want to be good at something you have to practice, that is all.

I left the bad childish thoughts behind me and  I have accepted that I am here to learn and that it will take time. I am training with a great instructor, it is up to me to take all the tools he gives me and use them.

Some days I don´t feel like it, I am tired or stressed but  as soon as I start, I feel better and the best of it is when I am finished , I feel good because I have achieved something, even if the session was hard or not so good , I have something to work on. That is how I get motivated those days.

In 2005 after the first day  Seminar with Ted , as we were sitting at the bar before diner and he told me something about motivation.  ” I train every day, some days if I don´t really feel like it, I just think about Bruce and then  I just  do it ”

And last year  Ted became emotional when he told us :  ” I am not doing that for myself, I am doing that for you, the next generation”.

How can we not be motivated. This is already a great priviledge to train Jun Fan JKD ,  Ted Wong JKD.

I am not talking for anyone else but me, I get the motivation from the fact that I truly think I have been given a great opportunity.

A lot of people do not get what JKD is all about and I don´t feel like I have to explain. My passion is personal and I only fully share it with my training partners and with myself.

Am I motivated to go on? of course,  because training JKD makes me feel good on so many levels and I don´t need to prove or explain it to anyone. This is all about my personal achievement and depending on my own goals and expectations. What I am looking for is to get better according to my own  goals.

I am the new generation, in a way I owe this to Bruce and to Ted.