Today was supposed to be group training but because of sickness I trained on my own instead.

. Start with stretching and Stetch- Kicks

. Move on to the heavy bag:

– One inch punch : 100.  Nice to train this one,  after 50 I begin to see some strange colour on the heavy bag but not  feeling so much pain so going on to 100.. No need to guess how my hand looks like , but hello , I train martial arts, not complaining..

– jabs : 100 … I like this one, probably because Ted told me it looked good 🙂 but it feels good and I feel I am getting more power in it. Now I feel the hand hurts pretty bad, I won´t be using this hand anymore today

– Cross: 100 … no problem there , working on the technique, fotwork feels pretty good, I would need more power though

– Hook kick:  50 right and 50 left. The right side feels good, the left is weaker , but I feel the technique is better than it was before. Training is paying off.

– Side kicks: 50 on each side, this one is actually my favourite, I also feel I have more power than before in this one, the technique need some work though, I am also working on my stability, as the heavy bag ( 70kgs ) is coming back after each kicks that is when I kick again .

. Moving on to the punching ball, this one helps me with the reaction, I am working on blockings and speed.

. Footwork, working on the fluidity in the movements.

. As my abdominal muscles need some work let´s drop the medicine ball a 100 times on it…  I am lying on the yoga ball and droping the ball from the top of my arms, this one is tough but I feel good to do it, now If I can do a 100 that means  I need a heavier ball!

. sit ups 200

. push ups: regular, on the fists, on two fingers, and using the pushup handles

. and I will finish myself with some stretching, I am using the stretcher for the  final exercise and measuring time while stretching to my very limit until it hurts.

I would now wait for my trainer´s comments but I guess I did pretty well as I was alone.

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  1. “I would now wait for my trainer´s comments but I guess I did pretty well as I was alone.”

    I hope so! keep up the good work and show me next session 🙂


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