Good energy tonight with the weight lifting,  I have not been working enough with the weights lately, but this will definetly come back as one session a week as usual on wednesdays.

After that I did some pushups and  sit ups, I have done this for a while now and  this is good to feel the improvement , I can do more of them and I feel stronger. Sit ups have never been a problem but still I have to build some more abdonminal muscles.

Then I went over to stretching,  you won´t believe it , I could lift to the bridge ! allright it is not getting high enough but as we know I could not lift at all yesterday. I could hold 5 seconds ! I did it over and over again until I could hold 10, I am very pleased, I give myself a month to accomplish this without any problem. The split is getting better as well, even if there is a long road to get to it .  I was sceptical yesterday but now I feel that maybe I will reach the goal before the summer…I was just thinking, I have been training JKD for 5 years soon, well that´s about time!

Remy said he is stretching 35 minutes everynight I do that too , we´ll see who can do the split first 🙂