Today´s training at my place with Remy, Michel and Micke.

-Focus mitts drills:

. Jab cross hook hook. I am still hurt from last week training so I have to put on  gloves for this one. Later on I will have to get som tape for Remy´s bleeding fist…

. Jab cross hook hook – hook kick , hook kick. Good energy, I feel I have more power and stability.

. High kicks. Seems my daily stretching is starting to pay off as I can reach higher kicks.

-Footwork :

. Try to kick the partner who backs up rapidly. The guys are doing pretty well, we all lack some speed and me more than the others as I train with Micke who is so fast , it is crazy 🙂

. Partner walks quickly forward,  the other one backs up quickly and reaching the wall, changes direction while punching on the pad. Same problem here, need to gain some speed… footwork !!!!

– Heavy bag:

. Rounds 3×30 seconds, full power and speed. First one: punches only, second: kicks only, third: all combinations. I feel really good about this one as I feel I have much more power than before.

. One round 60 seconds, we give all we can,  all techniques and combinations, full power. This one seems very long, good energy for all of us though.

– Lying face down on the floor:

 up directly to on-guard position and hook kick on pad, 15 each. I do 14 and then I feel I am gonna through up! But I am getting over it pretty quickly  and  I am back on the floor !

– Pushups and abdominal exercises :

Micke pushes us a lot today, hard training , no time to rest  and no complaining please!

– Hardening:

. Punches and kicks in stomach: I feel I can take more of this, which is good, I am not sure Michel was punching that hard …

. Kicks on legs,   inside and outside:  This is always a “noisy” exercise , I wonder why 🙂

. Hit one another forearm: I am better at this one but when it starts hurting it is hard to keep going on…

 – Split:

the partner is helping with the support while going down, it hurts as usual, it will take some time before we see any improvement for this one I guess..


 Michel is mastering this one! I can go up now but I need to go higher, Remy´s back is still hurting.

-“Sit” against the wall.

ok… Michel is down after 44 seconds, Remy after 2 minutes 30 seconds and I complete 5 minutes  …

My legs are hurting a lot and I am exhausted  but I beat the guys at something,  I am happy 🙂



One thought on “28-2

  1. Really good session, I can see a huge difference in Gina´s form, very good kicks! looks like the stretching is paying off;). Remy is also showing progress, getting more relaxed in his form. Michel is very good with his hands, his strong weapon 🙂
    I guess you all are hurting today…………….see you next sunday


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