Oh my god this one is giving me a hard time ! I stretch everyday but this will take time for sure ..

For yesterday´s training I checked Bruce´s schedule, I picked some of his exercises such as:

– Punching with weights.

3sets of 12 straight punch  and cross, this one was tough. I had 3kgs weight on each arm , may be too heavy, but great to test this one.

– Stomach exercises

Waist twists

Sit ups with medicine ball dropings in the stomach and regular

– Forearm exercicses

Leverage bar curl and reverse

– Stamina, Agility

Alternate split ( for as far as I can go of course:-)

Jumping squat , yeah this one I had to try, as I am getting better at stretching I thought this will look kind of OK… but I have some work to do !

To that I added some ” frog jumps”, regular push ups ( 40 in a row ),  push ups with legs on the big Yoga ball ( 40 ) , I just went up from 30 to 40 my goal is 50 before the summer.

Regarding all this,  I also read that Bruce said it is not how many you do it is how you do it, I try to pay attention to the form and make sure I do things right.

 I tested sit ups in different ways, I can do 200 regular with no problem seems a bit too easy so I change position and make deeper moves while lying on the yoga ball,  there I can only do 30!

Pretty intresting .. tonight I will have to test more of Bruce´s exercises such as Leg raises and leaning twist and I am quite curious about frog kicks.. 🙂