I watched my favourite Bruce Lee movie today, “Enter  the  dragon”, after that I decided I needed to check out how my JKD looks like.

I filmed myself training on the heavy bag  and some footwork and on-guard.

Quite important to be able see, that way I can pay attention to details  that I need work on :

Hand before foot,  the way the foot lands, rotation of the leg when kicking..

First thing I think about: this is again and again the same criticism I get from my trainer and also from Ted last year.

Mikael told me recently that it was better  which is good,  but as I can see on film this is still not perfect.

Another thing, I am always very concerned about my flow, I am so impressed by Micke´s flow , he is so heavy but he has such a facility and fluidity, I always ask him how this is possible ? 25 years or so of training would be one thing,  but a  natural  ability is more the reason he says.

I started training when I was 30 , before that I did not train anything at all, ever. No wonder why my body is taking time to adapt to the new way of life, which is a daily training.

I have soon been training JKD privately with Mikael for 5 years now, even if I have a long way to go , there is a big difference in my ability now.

Nowadays I push myself much more, Mikael says he noticed a huge difference lately, I am very happy about that and  I want to feel it even more …. Love Bruce´s line in Enter the Dragon : “DON`T THINK!!!! FEEL….”   🙂