Outdoor !

What is better than training outside in the warm and sunny summer time..

It was only me this sunday,  training with Micke

We started with punches on focus mitts:

– jabs

– jab cross

– jab cross hook

– jab cross hook and hook kick

Micke says the technique looks good , good balance in the kicks as well

And more combinations:

– jab cross hook , duck – duck, uppercut left and right, elbow left and right

– same combination adding knees left and right, with jump.

Those knee kicks are not good at all, I need power !

Working more on the knees

 up towards thai pads and focus mitts


 left and right on focus mitts. Good power on the right side.. not good on the left side….

light sparring

 focus on the blocking of  punches to the head

Working on the fluidity of the movement to avoid the punches and blocking, I  need more speed !!!… another thing is to ALWAYS be prepared, one of Micke´s specialties is to surprise you with new things and either than his famous kick to the head that no one has the time to see, today ´s unexpected was  : The Hammer punch,  right on top of the head..  Yeah ALWAYS be prepared for that kind of stuff, after 5 years I should be better at that ..

Hook kicks

– on focus mitts , those look good today ..

More combinations:

– low kick on the  leg + jab cross

working and  the calculation of the distance for the punches and timing:

– jab cross,  straight after kick,  with movement back, with movement forth and with movement to the side. With the partner not moving and with the partner moving as a reaction to the low kick. Somehow I feel most comfortable with the last one, seems more natural to me to punch with the side movement right after the low kick. 

And the big finish….

Running up the stairs … I will do that in one go! I am very surprised and happy, I  had to catch my breath when I was done but  it feels great , now that I can do it in one go I can focus on the speed..