Gym and things..

Yesterday at the gym was good, I feel I can increase the weights a little bit now.

I am not happy with my muscles though, I feel I lost some shape and definition and I have to get it back.

Well I am not too worried,  I use to look much better in the summer, maybe because of the variety of  exercises , I always do more things in the summer and it shows. It is quite interesting because I am french and even after 8 years I am still not used to it, it seems that in Sweden we have two lifes.

One in the winter and one in the summer. I still have lots of difficulties to adapt to the winter, really it feels like we live half our life in the dark and snow. Everything is in two, even the training but most of all the spirit and the soul.

It takes a lot for us from the south Europe to adapt to that life, not sure I will ever be able to though. The swedish summer on the other hand is quite magnificent but short  and I just wonder if it is worth living in the dark for over 6 month…

Well I am thinking about moving actually, the thing is I have to go to a JKD country and France is not one of them ( I mean Ted Wong JKD ), furthermore I come from France, I don´t think I will go back just because I want to move forward and not go back to old things. On the other hand Sweden is a bit special to me because it is where my JKD journey started, I honestly can say I could not hope for better instructors and training partners. But these days I wonder If the time has not come for me to move on, because there are things I simply cannot find here. Well as I am well aware of what this implies and I won´t do that over night but  I will have to check the possibilities that I have. One sure thing,  I will end up close to one of Ted Wong´s schools, wherever that is ..