The return …

…. Of Michel !!!!!

yesterday over 30 degrees outside in the sun,

Micke and I  started :

– All kicks on focus mitts

– Micke is moving and changing the position of the mitts : react with the correct kick and distance .

– light sparring using only kicks

– sparring using it all

All of a sudden someone we know is approaching : Michel !!!..

Great to have you back Michel 🙂

I just feel I need to mention the funny comment from Michel when Micke says he weigh 107kgs ( it was 103 before) and Michel asks : ” you lost some weight? ” 

Good one Michel ! I had  a feeling you were going to pay for this later  🙂


Michel started to run to warm up as I went on sparring with Micke.

Then we practised  punches on focus mitts

. straight lead, cross, hook, corkscrew hook

. Jab with drop step ….  OK this one needs some work !

Seems very easy when Micke is doing it, ( 107kgs and he looks as light as a fly in his movements, I just can´t believe it , I am 50kgs and feel as heavy as an elefant,  go figure !  yeah yeah I know:  FOOTWORK !!!! …)  

Then we go on with sparring,

Michel and I first

and then Michel and Micke.

After a heavy session we decided to go run the stairs , OH NO !!! says Michel …

OH Yes !!!  but only I did it..

I ran down again and  around the hill Michel and Micke had started to run up the slope on te back side, I followed  but we all stopped in the middle…

As I went down again and noticed only Micke followed, we had lost Michel somewhere in the grass …

A few minutes later Michel reappeared all white in the face and we understood he had some pucking time up there , and as this was not enough he was also biten by a horse fly …

Mickes comment , yeah this is real training !

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