Evolution :-)

I am thinking about all that happenned the last few months. When I talked about facebook to Micke he strongly said NO, but as good a student I am , I did not listen to him for this matter 🙂 and finally 6 months after, I persuaded him.

I believe  it is necessary for us to be seen, and especially for Micke to be recognized for the great fighter he is. We have evolved as a group, together for four years now, we all need some work of course but we have been  giving it a 100% and we are better now than we ever were before and this is  thanks to a great trainer.

I felt I needed to do something in return and facebook in my opinion is a great way. I managed to get in contact with some great JKD people. At the beginning, Jari Nyman from Spain immediately helped me establishing some contacts and then I got to be friend with  instructors like Bob Landers from Tulsa USA who has openned the door to even more, like the Ted Wong JKD Forum. I am very grateful for the help and without facebook, this would not have happenned.

I also started a group,  as I wrote previously: The “Ted Wong JKD Group Sweden”. I wanted our JKD friends to know about our group, my trainer, my training partners,  and me. I upploaded almost all our training videos and some of our best pictures.

I strongly believe we have a high quality level but somehow nobody or few  knew we even existed and I think this is a waste,  especially for Micke.

But this is about to change, we got some great feedback from our friend Luigi Clemente in Italy for exemple and more JKD people are asking to be members everyday, this is a succes and I am so happy .

We are the ONLY Authorized Ted Wong JKD Group in Sweden and we : Micke, Coshe, Michel, Remy and Gina, are all working hard to get this level even higher!

This is for us, for Bruce, for Ted.

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