The return of the attack

I know this can happen because it happenned before and here is the proof that you ALWAYS should be prepared for anything.

We decided to train at my place today , Micke knocked at the door and I came to open  the door when he jumped on me and attacked me, we sparred all the way into the living room and the training room and he shouted all the time “defend yourself !!!”

In the training room I found myself thrown against the wall and the heavy bag then on the floor. I did my best to not panik and do everything I can to keep myself standing while trying to hit him and take myself off his grip.

Well the adrenaline was high and even if I could not do much when at the end the big wall of 107kgs was sitting on me , I did not loose my focus , I fought until I could not breathe anymore ( because of the heavy weight sitting on me !!! 🙂  )

well this is an experience and the good thing is that , this is life, this could happen anytime, the question is how do you react in this situation ? I think this is good to practise this

after that we moved on to the heavy bag for some punches and kicking

we worked the JKD pole and the wristroller

it was around 35 degres today , makes the training even harder , but no one is complaining !

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