Training with a Master Magician & World Champion

Today we had a “guest star” training with us . Seth Engström is a  Swedish Magician, he is very  inspired by Bruce Lee ´s philosophy and is using it in his own way to develop his art.

I asked him today what he meant by using Bruce ´s philosophy in his art and he said,  quoting Bruce:

“Having no way as way, having no limitation as limitation, not going after rules, finding your own way, the way that works for you”.

He said he recognised himself in what Bruce Lee writes because he has that way of thinking and has been living his life that way. He has been practising with cards since he was four years old and at the age of 16 ( I hope I got the age right 🙂 ) he was asked in an interview : Who is your inspiration ? and he answered : Bruce Lee. Seth  is really interested in the philosophical aspect, he  finds a lot of inspiration in Bruce ´s writings.  He reads all books and everything he can about Bruce,  especially from trusted writers like John Little .

Seth is actually a very busy man practising card tricks up to 10 -12 hours a day … but I would be very interested if Seth himself  would like to write about how Bruce Lee inspires him and how he applies it….

For more information on Seth please visit his website or check him out on you tube.

Today we introduced JKD to Seth, starting with basics. We found him very dedicated and intrested and keen on learning. We certainly think he has some potential and are very pleased to welcome him for more sessions.