Bring it !!!

Michel Remy and Gina  where there for a great sparring session this saturday instead of sunday this week.

We started on the back side of the slope,   sparring one on one

. Defense

. Attack

. Interception

. Blocking

Rounds with each other and then with Micke  ( who was in the mood for throwing people around this day 🙂 )

All of us tried to take him down….. Yes, I said ” tried” …

and I am quoting myself to Michel:  ” it is like trying to move a mountain!!! ”

The session was pretty intense , some of us where bleeding from ending down on the ground.

Then we finished with carrying a partner on the shoulders up  the slope, I cannot carry any of these guys so I did not do it, but Michel and Remy carried each other managing one third of the hill …. will have to improve that one  guys!