Do you need one ?

This is the question I have been asked today my answer is:  NO, I don´t NEED one

do I want one ? well by ONE what do you mean ? in my eyes there is only one possible certificate in JKD and it is the Instructor certificate but it is hard to get and it should be !  If I get good enough to deserve one of those it would mean something to me of course.

But nowadays I see all kind of ranking in JKD , did we forget what Bruce said ? 

The legacy that  Ted is trying to keep ?


( and don´t get me started on those who are making a business out of it!)

 The question here is why do I train JKD ?

It started because I always wanted to train JKD, because it was Bruce Lee´s style, because there are hardly any women training proper TWJKD nowadays and because of the opportunity I was given .

But it  went deeper  when I met Micke. He taught me another way of thinking, another approach and I became another person. It is all about my personal achievement, I don´t need to tell people , to try to explain, this is personal and private because JKD changed my life, changed me. I believe I became a better person and I feel I have achieved something, I am proud of it and I do not need a certificate to prove it to myself.

There is no certification or ranking in JKD, some students better than others , this kind of competition is banned from our group. We train together as equals not towards certification but towards personal achievements .

The only thing I need is to train more in order to get better,  I want to be a good JKD fighter, I need to feel I am good,  this is what  I need  because JKD is for me a way of Life.