my own stuff !

I had to write about today´s training. I train different things everyday,  I try to harmonise during the week to cover it all.

Today was mostly on the  heavy bag.

I started jumping the rope for a couple of minutes.

Then on the heavy bag I started slow:

Jab  then cross then hook

jab and cross

jab cross and hook all together

then I work a round of 3 minutes with all hand techniques jab cross hook uppercut elbow…


I actually worked a while on the side kick first

Then low hook , normal and high,  on both sides.

Right at the beginning (and because I use to hear it on sundays) I feel my guard is low when I kick, I decided to get a rope  around my shoulders and put my arm in it,  in the correct position which provided me from loosing my guard while kicking.

 Amazing feeling here as I feel I got a whole new and better stability during kicking !

I have some work to do on the side kick still,  the start position of the knee is too far on the inside, I know what I have to do, lift and kick,  easy ! I just need to have my body to get it ! but as I train it again and again,  I will get there.

Hook kicks feel good , front kick OK, I did not use any other kicks tonight , I thought I limit myself to a few.

Then I took it all on the heavy bag ( 180cm and 75 kgs ) it  did not use to move a lot when I punched it , but as I got myself a bit stronger I see a difference now.

I did a couple of rounds on the heavy bag .

I decided to work on my straight lead again, and I took the gloves off to feel better, this is exactly what happens you feel the punch in a whole other way and when you hit wrong you know it because it hurts like hell 🙂

Anyway I am always happy about the feeling, if I get blisters  so what , I train Martial Arts not golf 🙂

Some hard stretching after that ( I WILL get that split for heaven sake ! ) 

Sit ups

Push ups (and  no girly ones in case you wonder,  I ´d rather not do it at all! )

20 push ups- 20 secondes rest –  20 push ups  … 5 times totally.

Then I could sit down and start thinking , my God training JKD is the best feeling in the world…