Well,  when Micke says the training will be intense he is not joking .

Only me , Training at my place this sunday.

I warmed up before Micke arrived and as soon as he took off his shoes,  it started…

Heavy bag :

5 minutes – intensity power and flow-  all combinations. 5 minutes with high intensity is quite a long time but it felt good 


4 Punches , alternate with 4 push ups – 5 times

Kicking pad:

10 punches – 10 push ups -5 times

10 punches – 10 situps – 5 times. Intensity and speed and NO resting in between ! 

On the floor:

Lying on my back, Micke sitting  on me ( ! ) holding pads

Hit the pads with full power while lying on the floor with not much movement possibility. Quite difficult position with no possibility to use the body, this requires quite some arm strength.

Focus mitts :

10 hook kicks-   10 side kicks  both sides. God my hook kicks felt good today ! this is GREAT !

Helmet on :

hit the focus mitts with speed and power and return into position  before the mitt hits you back. Quite shaky at the beginning but I managed to get some rythme .. 

Kicking pad :

10 front kicks , both sides alternated with frog jumps. Yeah being french you would assume I know all about frogs … those frog jumps must be the most ridiculous ever ! 

On the floor:

Lying face down Micke is lying on me NOT using all his body weight ( Thank God ! ) , I have to get out and up using no hitting at all, just get up.

This requires the ability to  use your body to find a way out , mostly legs and back, no easy task !

We repeated 3 times before my body gave up totally , no strength left ,  that was the end of me!

I really like those sessions , testing the limits and abilities in all aspects, it is very hard but it feels good !