Sometimes I wonder where I would be today if I hadn´t started with JKD. I just turned 30 + something 🙂 , I must admit either than JKD , I haven´t  done much with my life.

I feel very frustrated sometimes and sometimes I think it is good, it is the way my life is supposed to go. Well, I chose my path some years ago  and from that decision it influenced the years hereafter. I don´t regret it but I should  have done some things differently , pay more attention to important beings that I lost before I could do something about it.

I put my whole self into JKD and let the rest of my world pass me by. I will never regret starting with JKD because today , this is my life , this is all I am about and I am so proud of it . I would never want to go back to the life I had before but the rest is  not there,  I just have to do something about it. 

JKD brought me so many things and much more than a fighting ability and I don´t think it will end there. One thing is for sure,  I will never give it up and if it means I have to sacrify other things so be it , I start to get too old for those other things anyway but I won´t give it up without a fight.

I strongly believe that life is what you make of it, and JKD gave me the opportunity to get strong enough to know and decide what I want out of it.

It is about time …!