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Yesterday we admitted a new member in the group : Niclas Thuresson. Niclas had taken a few lessons with Micke a few years ago and  last Sunday we decided to have him try again and as we feel Niclas is motivated, we decided to have him join the team.

As the session was dedicated to Niclas´first lesson,  Micke asked me to coach and comment. This was a good exercise actually , I felt good about it because I felt I knew what I was talking about and I could see the points which need to be worked on. I also could say that Niclas is not looking like a real beginner, which is good for the group.

Niclas  trained technique on pads/ mitts first and  tried some sparring at the end of the session, we always incorporate sparring very soon to avoid the fear of it.

Most students including myself are afraid of it at the beginning and try to avoid it, first of all if you want to avoid sparring train something else!  and second,  talking from experience,  sparring all the time makes you tougher and the fear disappears. The best of all is to spar against bigger and scary guys like Micke ( ! ), I mean it with most seriousness, this is the best because you are used to the tough treatment and believe me,  this WILL  help you.

Fear is your enemy , it makes you loose control and in JKD you need to be in control.

So we welcome a new member  to our Group, we certainly can use more serious members.

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