More personal work

I have decided to add a bit more training in one day. There is a small gym in the basement of the building where I work.

This is a good opportunity to get some work done during lunch  and the purpose of it is to only focus on JKD  in the evenings. The Lunch routine is basically only push ups and sit ups with some work on the upper body with weights.

Tonight I decided to change my routine a bit as this is actually the thuesday training:

I started with stretch kicks

then footwork ( as usual)

and then I worked on the heavy bag:

50 punches of each  : straight lead, cross and hook

20 kicks of each and on both sides  : hook, side and front.

Then I brought all the punches together trying to get some flow and some decent footwork!

and last,  I added the kicks to it all.

I feel good about my kicks,  I don´t know why but I feel they are better and better especially the side kicks!

But I will really know at the end of the week when I meet my trainer, I just hope this time the word ” Crap” won´t be pronounced 🙂 and if it does well, that means more work on it.

I ended the session with stretching. This is going slowly !!!! I really don´t know when I´m gonna see some results here !

BUT I will get that split , let me tell you that , I won´t rest until I do 🙂