Warehouse training

This sunday was the first time in the warehouse, together with Nicklas , the newest  member of the team.

Technical and physical training.

The bag :

50 straight leads right and 50 left, probably my best punch, hand before foot still needs an adjustment but I work on it everyday it should come soon ….

Thai Pads:

Jab Cross Hook with increasing power , hook togheter with a step back , My hook is in need of more work ! but the footwork is good in this exercise

Groin kick- jab- hook kick, the jab has to come before the foot touches the floor, good feeling in this one too..

Focus mitts:

Work on that cross!  right and left …mmmm no , looks no good for either of us …


Groin kick- side kick -hook kick, this bag is hard I put on some leg protection !

some work needs to be done on the technique but Nicklas managed some good ones.

I still have some trouble with the side kick…

the Moving bag !

Micke is holding the bag at the highest level and let it go,  as soon as it comes right at us we have to kick , Side kick.

Well I went flying on the first one then I managed but the kicks didn´t look that good… it needs some work, good for the stability but in my case and my light weight,  I struggle with this.


50 hook kicks right and 50 left.

At my own surprise my left one was not so bad !It must be because I work on it at home during the week.

Kicking pad:

45 seconds punches at full power and speed

30 seconds pushups

45 seconds punches on the pad

30 seconds situps

30 seconds pad

30 seconds frog jumps .

With no gloves ….my knuckles exploded as usual in this kind of exercise, but it is always something you notice and feel  after you´re done:-)

We both managed the whole session ( good work Nicklas ! ) this was intense and really fun at the same time!