San Francisco

Yes it is now Friday night… two days and then at 6.00 am on Monday, I will jump in a cab towards Arlanda Airport.

At 9.25 we first fly to Switzerland and then to San francisco. Arrival 16.20 pm local time the day after but it will still be Monday in the States .

I checked the weather it should be Ok for the whole week. Now I only have to pack and hopefully I won´t forget anything.

I can´t really realize that in 3 days I will be in San Francisco , this feels unreal but as all good things,  this will go very fast so I will do everything  I can to enjoy every minute of it.

We planned all the usual tourist places to be,  then on friday night we will meet Jari , Mike and Dan.

Saturday is the big day, at 13.00 is the China Town walking tour and at 16.00 we will be allowed in the restaurant, Empress Of China where the party is.

I look forward to meet  people there, this will be for sure a night to remember.

We will fly back on Sunday at 19:25 again through Switzerland. Arrival time in Stockholm 18.55 pm the day after.

Around 15 hours flying time , this will be long, I have never travelled that long before…

I don´t think I will have time to write anything else before the departure, next post will be to tell how it went!