There are things that really make me mad, like when this body refuses to do what I say !

After my own training yesterday night, I read a book on flexibility for martial artists. It appears that no matter what I say,  that my body is not flexible because this or that…..,  is pure BS. You can be flexible,  it depends on how much time you put into stretching and how effective you make the training. I heard Ted say he was not that flexible when he started, it is not a question of age, it is like everything else,  a question of training.

I made myself a new training schedule today, adding more stretching and more technique and footwork.

It looks like this:

Monday: Own technique training, footwork and stretching

Thuesday: Private lesson with Micke

Wednesday: Own technique training, footwork and stretching

Thursday : Gym or run or bike ride

Friday : Own technique training, footwork and stretching

Saturday : Rest or TRX

Sunday: Sparring session , Group training

The days I train by myself always include footwork, I start with warmup and finish with stretch. I train both shadow boxing and on the heavy bag and add static training.

Either than flexibility, I am going to try to improve both stability and flow.